Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Craft Show Set-Up Day!!!

Happy Friday! :)
Today is craft show set up day, and I am still putting the last minute touches on a few pieces (it happens every year!)
I finished up a new box last night involving beach grass and Christmas lights (now where is that extention cord?) and today I finished up a special cigar box (it has a drawer). I will let it dry tonight so I can bring it with me tomorrow.
We loaded product pictures onto the digital photo frame last night, and I will bring that with me tomorrow as well (ah, another use for the missing extention cord!).
Earlier in the week I had a nightmare about missing set up day, causing me to be behind the 8 ball all day Saturday, fumbling with my table and looking like a doofus.
Well, it almost came true! My lovely bf had to leave last night for a show today. No sooner did he leave that I realized that I had promised to bring my own table to the show and it was locked up in the trailer *and I had no key*!!! Total panic!
After a brief flurry of texts and a phone call, David calmly explained that the table is in the trailer and the keys were at home and not with him.
After I set up today, I will make a list of last minute things that I need to bring with me (like price signs!) tomorrow. I am sure it will go flawlessly :D
I still have another cigar box wall-art project rambling in my head, but it hasn't taken full shape just yet...
I'll let you know :D

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