Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Craft Show Set-Up Day!!!

Happy Friday! :)
Today is craft show set up day, and I am still putting the last minute touches on a few pieces (it happens every year!)
I finished up a new box last night involving beach grass and Christmas lights (now where is that extention cord?) and today I finished up a special cigar box (it has a drawer). I will let it dry tonight so I can bring it with me tomorrow.
We loaded product pictures onto the digital photo frame last night, and I will bring that with me tomorrow as well (ah, another use for the missing extention cord!).
Earlier in the week I had a nightmare about missing set up day, causing me to be behind the 8 ball all day Saturday, fumbling with my table and looking like a doofus.
Well, it almost came true! My lovely bf had to leave last night for a show today. No sooner did he leave that I realized that I had promised to bring my own table to the show and it was locked up in the trailer *and I had no key*!!! Total panic!
After a brief flurry of texts and a phone call, David calmly explained that the table is in the trailer and the keys were at home and not with him.
After I set up today, I will make a list of last minute things that I need to bring with me (like price signs!) tomorrow. I am sure it will go flawlessly :D
I still have another cigar box wall-art project rambling in my head, but it hasn't taken full shape just yet...
I'll let you know :D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Wednesday! :^O

I have been so busy since I last posted!
On Friday, David (my bf) and I had a nice dinner with a friend from out of town. Indian food rocks :D
On Saturday, we got up *really early* (for a Saturday, that is!) so we could travel to North Adams, MA. David had 2 full length fundraiser shows and I went with him because this is a show that I booked for him 3 years ago & he has been going back ever since :). We enjoyed a nice day of shows, an early dinner at The Red Carpet (a homey little restaurant that serves wonderful food!) and then it was home again for a nice long sleep.
Sunday found us hanging out with our family, especially our little nieces! We haven't seen them in 2 weeks and, boy, have they grown! It is thanks to the little ones that I have started my kid's line :D
And, speaking of product, I have been making more longies, 2 more pair, in fact. Not bad for spending the weekend on the road!
I *finally* nailed down a diaper wrap pattern that I am happy with and also found a sweater pattern for the little ones :)
I still have (at least) 1 more cigar box to take to the craft fair *this weekend* (eek!). Other than that, I am so ready to go :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

New completed project

Today I *finally* started and finished a cigar box art project that I have had in my head for almost 2 years. Yay! :)
I am a *huge* Barenaked Ladies fan and love the song Beautiful (off of one of their BLAM albums). In my mind, there was a doll on one side of the box, all pinned in and restrained (because being beautiful isn't as easy as it seems) with piano wire and a super soft yarn (the sweet and sour of life) and linoleum behind her (a kitchen floor from another BNL Blam song *g*). On the inner lid of the cigar box, I saw a sky with fluffy clouds. And all over the doll, tucked into the wires and yarn, are the lyrics of Beautiful.

I had my bf drill holes into the sides of the cigar box so I could weave the wire and yarn through and pin the doll in.

And this morning, after 2 years, I started and finished the project :) I am VERY happy with the results.

I can't wait to hear what you think :)

Craft show prep

Yesterday I had planned on only doing a *few* things for the upcoming Wood Memorial Library craft show on March 28.
I ended up making 6 new cigar boxes, "fixing" 1 cigar box & creating 10 cigarette cases!
Today (so far), I have picked out a few more cigar boxes and packed them up for easy transport next Saturday.
In other news, I am still working on my kid's line for Decadence Kids and just picked up another craft show in April at Le Leche League. When I have further details, I'll post them :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Welcome to my blog!
Today I am working on getting items together for the Wood Memorial Library Craft Show.
The show will be held at the library itself (783 Main St South Windsor, CT 06074) on Saturday March 28 from 9 to 4.
I am usually up on the second floor. Stop by, say hi and get a free gift for mentioning my blog :D
This will be my 3rd year at the show and I plan on bringing my new kid's items (bibs, longies, shorties, etc) and some cigar boxes because the women that run the show specially requested them.
Right now, I am working on a pair of red wool shorties (aka soakers) and have to put some final touches on at least 1 cigar box.
My craft room/office looks like a yarn factory blew up in there (grin), so I have to straighten up in there, too! :)
I hope to see you at the craft show!