Friday, June 19, 2009

Blankets galore :)

Greetings from Baby Blanket Central :)
I have been crocheting my fingers off lately, making baby blankets. My niece needed a new "magic blanket" (aka "woobie" or "goo-ga") which I made from mossy green Moda Dea yarn, so fluffy! My new niece or nephew to be is getting what I call the Auntie Heather Special - every new baby that comes to my family gets 1 rainbow wool blanket from me and I buy the hand spun hand dyed yarn from a friend of mine, which makes the blanket that much more special :). The last 2 "Specials" were simple Granny Squares (red in the middle, working its way out to purple along the outside), which work perfectly in the car. This new blanket will have 12 squares, each color will be its own square, then all joined together and topped off with a non-gender-specific ruffle along the edge :)
This baby will also be getting a blanket in "nursery colors" (this time the colors are cocoa, blue, yellow) and mom may be getting a cocoa colored chenille shawl :)
I also have a blanket that I have been working on sporadically (because the pattern is a little complicated, so I really have to concentrate), but I think I need to get more yarn for that one :)
I am also thinking about making a granny triangle shawl, which I just found a great pattern for. I'll let you know how that works out!
In other news, I finally seem to have tamed my yarn stash (I think *lol*). I separated out the wool from "everything else", which was daunting, seeing that the wool fills an entire (overflowing!) tub, while the "everything else" almost fills the tub it is in. Then I have a small container of special baby yarn (like the Moda Dea and a little bit of angora). I am happy to say that this experiment seems to be working well because I was able to easily reach into the stash and pull out exactly what I needed for my niece's "magic blanket" replacement :)
Other than all that *wink*, it's all quiet here :D
Hope all is well in your world!